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Yoga and Wellness studio in Singapore

Relax, recharge and rebalance with Kundalini Yoga, Sound Healing & Meditation

What We Offer

Akashakti is a yoga and wellness boutique studio perched overlooking the East Coast Beach in Singapore. Our studio is a sanctuary in the sky for you to experience escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Classes are intimate with just a few people, meaning that you will get the most out of your time with a holistic and balanced approach. Attention to each individual is given with care. There is no stress on achieving a certain expression of a pose but rather on striving to reach your individual potential both short term and for the future.

The studio offers multiple practices including:

Kundalini Yoga will give you stepped methods to promote your spiritual growth, healing, and well-being. The direct experience of your higher Self builds a platform of strength, radiance, and wisdom to build your life the way you truly want to. Whether you are an absolute beginner or have been practicing yoga for many years, everyone is welcome at Akashakti Space.

Sound Healing to bring you physical, mental and emotional cleansing, healing and nourishment.

Conscious Pregnancy Yoga, an ancient, grace-filled, time-tested practice that helps women become conscious mothers. We warmly welcome those wanting to become pregnant or any woman who wants to deepen her knowledge of conscious conception, pregnancy, and motherhood.

Born out of love of empowering women, space is central to uplifting females offering sacred practice in Mandala dance and Womb Mandala. This is a deep practice of working with the feminine body, energy, and consciousness.

The studio runs a delightfully calming Candlelight Sound Bath every Wednesday and Friday evening – this is the perfect way to close the working day.

We welcome you into our quiet and peaceful yoga and wellness boutique studio tucked quietly away from the bustling, vibrant city life. Our studio has plenty of parking spots available and is conveniently located near accessible public transportation. Check out our timetable to see the different classes that we offer each week.

Kundalini Yoga

An ancient yoga practice that combines some postures, breath and energy movement, and the chanting of mantras to help balance your body and clear your mind. This brings you positive energy while reducing signs of depression or anxiety.

Conscious Pregnancy

Yoga for Conscious Pregnancy is a practice that can benefit both, the mother and the baby by easing the physical discomforts of pregnancy, balancing different emotions, reducing stress and increasing awareness.

Sound Healing

This practice is a deeply immersive full-body listening experience that intentionally uses different sounds to encourage therapeutic and restorative effects to the mind, body, and soul.

Access Face Lift

A dynamic yet gentle hands-on body process that gives the body a chance to move and transform a lot of the limiting energies and judgments that get locked in our face, head, chest, and body.

Sacred Practices for Women

Deep and powerful practice that takes you into a sacred space of complete self-responsibility. It involves energy work and facilitates the transformation and alignment of the body. The practice combines dance movements, breath and attention skills.


The process of controlling and transcending the waves of the mind through the use of refined patterns. This practice will open within you an inner reservoir of energy and wisdom that you can use to deal with any challenge that may come in your way.


Words of Gratitude

I always look forward to attending regular classes and especially the special meditation events with Pamela because she takes a standard yoga class to a whole new level. Last but not least, the part I most personally look forward to is the Gong meditation to relax afterwards. After Pamela’s classes, I feel lighter, grateful and rejuvenated. 

Mishell Leong

Artist, Singapore

Pamela has a unique way to bring together the teachings of Kundalini Yoga, the releasing of energy rituals and the sacred song and dance rhythms making each class a beautiful experience.  She inspires deep presence while encouraging us to swiftly follow the body and breath movements that are core to the practice.  It is always a soulful group of people whose energies flow together in harmony to make the 90 to 120 minutes rejuvenating and grounding.  Pamela’s gracious touch of serving tea and healthy bites bring joy and provide a social setting as we end the sessions. 

Sangini Shroff


Yogi Pamela’s Kundalini Yoga class entails making a journey with yourself. The classes vary to allow to you enjoy the various aspects of Kundalini Yoga where initially you start outside near the pool and end up inside a room to reach deeper into your senses. The motions are simple but extremely effective in a way you don’t expect. And the 90 minute classes end with a Gong or healing meditation and yogi tea.

Meena Thakru

From Queens New York, Lives in Singapore

2 years ago I have started the Kundalini Yoga classes with Akashakti (Pamela Kaur) and simply fell in love with not only the Yoga of Awareness itself but also the art of teaching by Pamela Kaur. She lives and represents the Kundalini Yoga in its purest form, has an enormous aura and passion for what she is imparting and has the ability to adapt to each student beautifully and sees the god/goddess in the person.

Jacqueline Renz

Director Cultivay Pte. Ltd., Singapore