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Access Energetic Facelift in Singapore

Move and transform the judgments that are locked in your face, head, and body with this nurturing and healing hands-on process.

What Is The Access Energetic Facelift?​

We age our bodies and our minds with projections and expectations about how we’re supposed to be and what’s supposed to occur when we get to a certain age. We create wrinkles in our faces, sags in our butts and drags in our bellies. These are the things we don’t like about our bodies getting older, and they are the projections and expectations of what’s supposed to happen when you get to the age you happen to be.”

from “Projections, Expectations, Separations, Judgements & Rejections” by Gary Douglas.

The Access Facelift ™ it’s a great way to use the energy that’s within your body to rejuvenate and reverse the appearance of aging on different parts of your body including your face. It works with 50 different nurturing energies that you and your body have access to through a gentle soothing touch of your face and neck. The Access Facelift also helps restore, enliven, rejuvenate and uplift. Some energies used within this process work towards the immune system, cellular memory, and body trauma.

Your body will definitely love this class because it is very nurturing. The Access Facelift is not about creating a standardized, contrived version of beauty involving surgery, harsh chemicals or drugs. We don’t work with tools or creams, instead, we work with a light caring touch and different energies that run simultaneously to communicate with your body at a cellular level and restore natural energy flow to uncover your own unique beauty!

Access Facelift results vary depending on each person. We encourage you to book a session and see how it works for yourself!

The Access Facelift works this way:


  • Every time you look at yourself in the mirror and judge you, the cells remember that judgment and lock it into the cells
  • The Access Facelift helps you get rid of that negative cellular memory of judgment and rejuvenate the body as well as your being!
  • Once the judgment is released and erased, our body has the space to regenerate itself. Next time you look at yourself in the mirror you won’t feel that judgment locked in your face, head, and body.

    What to Expect During The Session

    During the Energetic Facelift®, you will be lying on a comfortable DayBed while you receive gentle touches on your chest, neck, face, and head. These touches are aimed to access and move energy to clear blocks in the energy field, freeing stagnation caused by different emotions as well as long term stress. For this, the practitioner’s hands are used as neurotransmitters to facilitate the whole process.

    While you are comfortably lying down, you will receive more than 25 processed energies woven together to clear emotional blockages, the judgment of self-aging process, notions of beauty, and open up to different possibilities to enhance your life. Energetic Facelift sessions last for about 45-60 minutes. Keep in mind, during the whole session you will be lying on your back dressed in relaxed clothing on a healing bed.

    After each session of the Energetic Facelift, you can enjoy a Crystal Sound Bath to restore your balance and release all the stress and tension you may have in your body. Both your emotional and physical tension will be released, making you feel vibrant and relaxed!

    As mentioned before, this process of the Energetic Facelift is completely safe and totally natural. Bring your best attitude and willingness to be able to create miracles with this non-invasive technique!


    Each Private Individual session of 45-60 minutes cost $70

    7 Sessions of 45-60 minutes cost $60/session

    The Crystal bowl sound healing is included at the end of the session

    Tea and refreshments are included

      Here are some changes you can achieve with this beauty technique:


      • Brighter and clearer skin with better muscle tone
      • Lines and wrinkles less visible
      • Brighter looking eyes
      • Body feeling relaxed and more youthful in some way
      • Improved relationship with yourself and better self-esteem
      • Ability to shine!
      • Better perception of how you are seen and received.