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Kundalini Yoga Meditation in Singapore

Discover your full potential through the transformative wisdom and practice of Kundalini meditation.

Meditation as Medicine

Meditation is a great practice that helps the mind focus on the present moment or on a specific moment in time. Kundalini Yoga meditations contain specific, practical tools that support the mind and the body through the use of breath, mantra, mudra, and focus. Yogi Bhajan passed on thousands of different meditations techniques tailored to specific applications. There are meditations to reduce stress and anxiety, meditations for addiction that can be done to help change mental patterns and break addictive behaviours.

Nowadays, we live in a world full of stress and situations that may generate anxiety or even addiction to certain things. Many of us suffer from being over-stressed over little things that happen in our everyday lives. This can cause our minds to be jumpy or unfocused, and at the same time, it can generate negative patterns of thinking that stem from our fears and insecurities. Meditation is an effective practice that helps you attain a profoundly elevated state of mental excellence while providing you a new and firm footing in the mental realm. This practice will open within you an inner reservoir of energy and wisdom that you can use to deal with any challenge that may come in your way.

The best part is that anyone can practice Kundalini meditation and enjoy its endless benefits! This practice helps you connect yourself to your breath, strengthen your nervous system, activate your glandular system, balance your emotional energies and channel your mental energy to intuitive awareness.

According to Yogic science, there are specific lengths of time needed for certain desired effects during meditation. Most meditations are done for 11 or 31 minutes. Here is an overview of how much time you need to accomplish your desired effect.

3 mins: Affects your circulation, blood chemistry and stability of the blood. The increased blood circulation begins, distributing enhanced neuroendocrine secretions throughout the body.

7 minutes:  Brain patterns start to shift from the static of beta waves to calmer alpha waves and ultimately to deep relaxing delta waves. Simultaneously, the magnetic force surrounding the body increases in strength.

11 minutes:  Positively affects the pituitary gland, glandular system and your nervous system start to learn and change. The sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems begin to accommodate increased energy.

22 minutes:  Anxiety producing thoughts in the subconscious begins to clear. Balances your negative, positive, and neutral minds. They start to work together so your mental integration changes. 22 is the infinite number of longings and gives mastery of the mental realm.

31 minutes: Affects your whole mind and all the cells and rhythms of the body. Endocrinological balance is achieved, as is the balance of the chakras of the ethereal body. This balance persists throughout the day and is reflected by changes in moods and behaviour.

62 minutes: Brings the positive pattern of the meditation to the brain. Changes the brain’s gray matter bringing positive effects of meditation to your nervous system.

2.5 hours:  Some meditations can be practiced for as long as 2.5 hours. During a 2.5 hours meditation, your subconscious mind will dump its negative impressions and will align with the expansive and uplifting experience of your soul identity.

No prior experience is needed!


Kundalini Meditation Private/Individual session $60 (1-hour session)

Kundalini Meditation group session $45 drop in (1-hour)

The 10 sessions package cost $400


-Yoga mats are provided

-Yogi Tea & Refreshments are served after every session