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Sacred Practices for Women in Singapore

Mandala creates a vibration, activating the subtle fields of intention in the higher dimensions through sacred dance, breath and meditation.

The Goddess Incarnates


“I am the sovereign queen, the treasury of all treasures, who’s breathing forth give birth to all the worlds, and yet extends beyond them – so vast am I in greatness.”

  ~Devi Sukta (Praise Hymn of the Goddess from Rg Veda)


“If there is to be a future, it will wear a crown of feminine design”

~Aurobindo Ghose

Mandala Temple Dance as taught by Maya Mandala

The Mandala Dance is a deep practice that works with your body and consciousness. It combines in its structure dance movements, breath and attention skills. This practice is based on the principle of the feminine, where your body comes into alignment through the shapes of circle, spirals and figure eight, honoring the design of your sacred and perfect female body, the womb and other organs. The shape of spirals and waves give the vector energy and the circles unite all the sacred patterns of the whole dance. 


All these movements build the inner axis that directs yourself to a connection with the Earth and Heaven, while harmonizing the male and female principle in the body and consciousness.

During this practice, we breathe in a certain way, consciously controlling the rhythm of our  breath to help our bodies release blocks, and negative experiences to heal the soul memory. Each move of the Mandala Dance engages all internal muscles of the womb. The more these muscles work, the better your blood and lymphatic systems get and the more energy fills your body.

In the Mandala Dance, we visualize the movement of rainbow light while harmonizing the movement of prana through the channels and restoring the energy fields of your body in accordance with its original sacred structure. We unite with the quality of conscious presence, returning ourselves into love and harmonious state of the Whole with the Universe. Through harmonization, we harmonize all aspects of our life, including relationships in the family, society and the space that surrounds us.

You will Practice:
  • Conscious body alignment, coordination of the consciousness, breath, and movement. You will be able to bring yourself back to conscious living with effective grounding exercises and basic dance movements.
  • Working with structure, channels, centers and the flow of body energy through movement to help you coordinate and harmoniously combine the work of both the left and right brain hemispheres and the body to align its coordination and rhythms and also to develop the skill of being in presence at the level of consciousness, energy, and physical body.

Wave yoga:

This a type of yoga where you work with joints and ligaments, dance warm-ups, flexibility, body strength, rhythm, discipline and will power fluidity.

The Dance:

The practice is designed in a way that it immediately takes you to a higher state of consciousness and frequencies. You will re-build and activate your inner Mandala of Light.

Womb Mandala Practices

Womb Mandala takes women into a sacred space of complete self-responsibility, from playing the role of victim to playing the role of creator, which is her true authentic self where a sense of beauty and harmony is restored into her being. Women’s tendency and nature tend to be sensitive to the environment not only socially but also emotionally and psychologically.

Our feminine power is blocked from expression by the cultural power structures that surround us, and the limiting beliefs we have internalized because of them. 

We often need some boundary work, based on patterns of taking on others’ emotions due to social conditioning that tells us we are responsible for the emotional dynamics of any situation. There is a deep feeling inside our bodies that don’t feel right, but a woman doesn’t find the clarity to come forward and turn it around for their own freedom.

The Womb Mandala allows women to discover what is actually happening inside in her womb. This is the first step to become aware of who and what is feeding off her energy. We will work on the four directions to live in harmony with the web life and get rid of unhealthy relationships that are out of the worm, allowing the relationships that are engaged in her lives into positions that best allow their womb to flourish.  Through the practice of Womb Mandala, a woman establishes and acknowledges her own existence, and her ability to change her vibratory frequency by clearing and healing her womb. Every woman gains power not by having power over others, but by not losing hers.

You will practice:

  • Womb breathing and body stretching.
  • Access and healing stored in unconscious emotions
  • The importance of having the right relationships (keeping boundaries intact)
  • Goddess Kali Meditation (Accessing and healing the womb/strong dynamic movements)
  • Drawing your Womb Mandala/Clearing Womb Attachments
  • Meditation
  • Drumming and dancing
  • Deep relaxation